H1 Kids Fleece Headphone (Panda

H1 Kids Fleece Headphone (Panda

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Designed with kids in mind, H1 soft fleece kids headphones are fun for kids of all ages. The kids earphones are suitable for cold, Fall & Winter weather and months, chilly mornings and nights, and also can double as a sleeping, sleep mask for young kids, infants, toddlers, boys, and girls.


    The Contixo Kids Soft Fleece Headphones come in 10 different designs for you to choose from. They are kid-safe and child-friendly with its 85dB volume limiting feature and includes an in-line volume control. It is warm, cozy, and convenient for kids to listen to music and videos anytime—especially during cold months, for school, travel, long car rides, trips, night and mornings, air flights, or for everyday wear around the house.

    Improved "3D Pop Out" Character Designs

    • Compared to our competitors' flat 2D design, our Contixo Fleece Headphones has a more attractive, "3D Pop Out" effect
    • Professionally-designed
    • Cutest head band earphones on the market

    In-Line Volume Control

    • Integrated in-line volume control allows your child to control the volume as needed when listening
    • In-Line Volume Controls: Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause, Net
    • Plug Size: 3.5mm

    Removable Headphone Driver and Cord w/ In-Line Volume Control

    • Headphone driver and cord can be removed before washing the soft fleece headband
    • 3.5mm audio plug is compatible with most smartphone and tablet devices
    • Stereo Speaker Dimension: 40mm x 2
    • Speaker Sensitivity: 85 +/- 3dB
    • Speaker Impendance: 32 ohms +/- 15%
    • Frequency Response: 18Hz ~ 20KHz
    • Rated Input Power: 5mW
    • Maximum Input Power: 10mW<