KB-2600 Foldable Kids Bluetooth Headphones

KB-2600 Foldable Kids Bluetooth Headphones

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    Contixo Kid-Safe Headphones KB-2600
    The KB-2600 Kid-Safe Headphones fold up for easy transport and storage anywhere you want. They feature sound isolation that helps clarify audio, a ferrite magnet that reinforces sound, and large, full-range drivers that deliver powerful audio, along with a built-in volume limiter of 85dB to protect children's hearing. The playful design features everyone's favorite neighborhood superhero for a fun listening experience wherever you are.

    Rich, Full-Range Sound
    Large, full-range drivers give you a rich sound experience, with crisp highs and warm, clear bass tones. The ear cups are lightweight with thick, comfortable padding to provide noise isolation, while the headband bends easily for a comfortable fit.

    Take Your Music Anywhere
    The KB-2600 Kid-Safe Headphones have features of wireless Bluetooth, micro SD card music player, FM Stereo radio and audio input & output functions. They are compatible with all portable devices that feature a 3.5mm stereo jack output, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and portable gaming devices such as the PS Vita and Nintendo DS series. These headphones are also compatible with laptops, PCs, CD players, and home audio systems. Audio output feature makes kids share music when the headphones are connected each other via the 3.5mm audio cable included.

    Built-in Microphone & Phone Answering
    The headphones will switch to phone answering automatically when they are connected via phone Bluetooth and calls incoming.

    Built In Volume LImiter
    Large, full-range drivers give you a rich sound experience, with crisp highs and warm, clear bass tones. The ear cups are lightweight with thick, comfortable padding to provide noise isolation, while the headband bends easily for a comfortable fit.

    Bluetooth Enabled, No More Cables!
    High quality, Bluetooth wireless stereo headphone features include: Micro SD card compatible (Not Included) Music Player FM Stereo Radio Audio Input & Output Phone answering functions Suitable for children ages 3+ Compatible with nearly all Bluetooth devices.

    Foldable & Comfortable
    Our ear pads and headbands are covered with our specially designed soft-touch comfortable material for your child's comfort. And the ear pads are manufactured with children in mind -- we use some nifty engineering to make sure the earpads won't fall off.

    Kid's will love them!
    We believe that you'll love the way these look, sound, and feel.

    What is in the box?
    1 x Contixo KB-2600 Headphone
    1 x User Manual
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x AUX Cable

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Trenton Alexander Dandridge

Nice pick!

Reviewed on

It was very easy to link. The app is also extremely easy. Im glad I picked this for my first drone.

Dylan Berube

TheContixo F30 is FANTASTIC

Reviewed on

TheContixo F30 is a wonderful drone. Being new to the drone world I was pleasantly surprised on the ease of use and the great quality of the drone. The drone is at a great price that you can't beat! I would definitely recommend this drone to any level user of drones! A+ in my book!


Awesome and Easy!

Reviewed on

So I've had the basic $20-ish drones before to play with at home, and I decided I wanted one to use outside and do video/photo with. I knew there were some brands better than others, but I saw a few reviews that said the F30 was at least on-par with some of the DJI Mavic drones in terms of functions, performance, and features. That prompted my purchase and I've been thrilled with it so far.Setup and operation are simple, only marginally increased from the little $20 I had (just to get its GPS signal).The camera feature is great, and the ability to swivel the camera lens is great to get different angles.Battery flight life is right on the approximate timeframe they indicate (~25 mins) and has a return to home feature to make sure your drone doesn't fall out of the sky randomly.The app for phone is great, doesn't seem to be buggy, and connects to the drone WiFi easily and quickly. I like how you can save the pictures/videos you take to the phone's camera folder to edit and upload to your photo backup site.Overall my experience so far is excellent. I don't anticipate any kinds of issues. The drone performs great, looks great, and has great features.Don't forget to register with the FAA!


I love this drone

Reviewed on

After looking for weeks and not wanting to spend a ton of money! I’m so glad I found this one. Very easy to learn and operateAnd customer service was A1.

Super Dave

Easy to Operate

Reviewed on

This is my first drone. It was easy to use, right off the bat. Took a while to get the GPS working, but when I did the drone performed flawlessly.

Brent Hathcock

Beautiful Drone With Wonderful Functions!

Reviewed on

I have recently purchased this drone as a beginner pilot to get more involved in the drone community. Long story short, I am absolutely engrossed in this drone and its functions. I have flown it about once a day for 6 days in which it has never malfunctioned or flown away. Overall, it is a wonderful drone and you should definitely buy as it is by far the best drone under $300.CompetitionA close competitor to the F30 would be the Mavic Mini, whose price is over $400. Most if not all functions on both drones are shockingly similar in drone precision and camera quality. The main functions on both drones is the circling Point of Interest, the Return to Home, the waypoint setting, the follow me setting, and the overall stability. Sadly, while the Mavic Mini does include a 3-axis gimbal, the F30 does not. But I would definitely shave off $100 for the same drone but with no camera gimbal!MotorsAs I have flown my drone, no engines have sputtered out or lost control. The precise stabilization while flying and holding in the air is insurmountable. The quick calculations based on wind speed is wonderful as I have flown it over 10 knots of wind and it stayed relatively stable. Secondly, the brushless motors really do make a difference when coming to noisiness. The drone is mostly quiet and once flown over about 250ft. away, you can't really hear it anymore. Basically, they are great motors!CameraThe camera does have a little color correction it must fix, but overall it is pretty good. The drone does not include a 2 axis or 3 axis gimbal and there is no way to install one. To fix this, I usually just go to Emulsio and let the app do the camera stabilization work for me! Me, my family, and my friends all agree that my drone footage is amazing at how well it records.Remote and AppThe remote for this drone is very nice as it shows the amount of satellites in the area. If you are not connected to over 10 satellites (I think) in your nearby area, you cannot fly. The nice, bright display on the remote is very useful for flying in the night. The app (called Ophelia GPS) shows live feed from the drone's camera and it allows you to start any function (POI, RTH, or follow me). It is also very user friendly as it is easy to set up and use.BatteryThe battery on this drone is relatively good. It has a flight time of around 20-25 minutes depending on whether you record or not (recording and turning on landing lights can run down the battery faster). It takes 6-7 hours to charge and can be charged overnight. I have never heard of any fires or explosions created by the battery, but I would always keep it in an explosive-proof bag just in case. Also, after flying the drone, the battery can get hot/lukewarm. I would highly suggest to have a "cool down" period after flying to not get the battery too hot and explode.FunctionalityOverall, this drone is very nice as a recreational use of flying. You really can't make movies or record professional videos with the F30 (as these "Movie Drones" cost $3,000), as it is merely for fun. One thing I would suggest to all beginner drone flyers out there is to make sure you go onto FAADroneZone and register your drone before flying. You will get a unique registration number for your drone to fend away any lawsuits against you and your drone (that is only if you crash).Lastly, it is a very fun drone to fly and has upscale functions much like the more expensive drones! I have attached a video to show the drone and camera quality! Thanks for reading!

expat in nz

happy son

Reviewed on

my son had the biggest smile on his face when he opened the present.he loves to fly it and has said it's very easy.great buy


Great drone with great camera

Reviewed on

We bought this drone for my son as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it, it has been easy for him to learn to fly and takes amazing photos!

Steve Robbins

I highly recommend this product!!

Reviewed on

TheContixo F30 far exceeded my expectations. It is relatively easy to set up and the camera worked better than I expected. I am not sure how far it will go yet but it has easly reached 350 yards with great reception.

Texas farmer

Good capability at good cost

Reviewed on

Good capability. The features such as "return home" are good. There is a definate learning curve and I'm still not very good at use.

Cee P

So Easy.... I can fly it.

Reviewed on

I bought this for field work and personal purposes. It is easy to start and fly. I will not lie. There are some nuances that need to be discovered to ensure a problem free initialization and flight. But they aren't a huge problem and the customer service at USA@.com was prompt and helpful.Nuances1: Turn your phone data off. It may interfere with the video signal from the drone.2: Initialize (connect drone and controller) drone first, then try to link to the app.3: Will not link to a phone with only 2.4GHz WiFi. It will connect to a dual or 5GHz WiFi signals. Check your phone's frequency.4: You can fly this and take pictures/video without connecting to the app. Just insert a Micro SD card in the slot and push the Photo/video button of the controller.See? It's easy to have fun with this drone. And the flight time is much longer than similar sized drones.My only beef is that the battery charging adapter is kind of an afterthought. It only charges from a USB 5v source and takes 5-7 hours. Per battery. And the charger must remain still otherwise it'll disconnect and not charge. So rubberband the 2 together if you're going to charge it in your vehicle's cig lighter/USB port.Have fun and stay away from trees and power lines.

Andrew Johnson

Don’t grab it the blades will cut you

Reviewed on

I did the calibration for it put in on the ground far from my truck it I gave it a little bit of power it took off right and it went straight for my truck I couldn’t stop it I pressed the power off button but didn’t work it flipped over I grabbed it to stop it so I decide to try it again I gave it some power then it went to my truck again picked it up the blades cut my finger. So I would say be careful and don’t touch the blades other than that it is a good drone for what it is the camera is good on it once the drone works it really fun to fly

Jairo T.

Excelente drone a un excelente precio

Reviewed on

Es el primer drone que compro connestas características después de analizar bastante, y no me arrepiento, a pesar de ser un drone económico, las características de GPS, sigueme, el giro y retorno a casa, son excelentes. Quizás un aspecto a tener en cuenta es el alcance de la señal FPV de vídeo, ya que cuando el drone está a cierta distancia, quizas unos 200 mts, el video empieza a fallar, aunque creo que tiene que ver con la potencia del 5Ghz de mi celular. Probaré luego con algunos extensores a ver cómo me va, pero general es un excelente drone con el que tomaras buenas fotos y te divertiras mucho sin gastar tanto.


Contixo drone

Reviewed on

I love the drone, taking some getting use to. Note: do please when trying to use it with wifi, cycle one time the airplane mode until theContixo wifi symbol appears. I didn't think it was necessary with a Samsung S10 5G, but it is. Save yourself some headache and cycle the airplane mode. I am waiting to see if an Apple user has to do the same thing. Overall, it is a wonderfully fast drone with clear images. Thank you!

Jeff B Warren

Bad ass

Reviewed on

Handled 55 mph winds

greicy lopez

Perfect beginner drone

Reviewed on

Super easy to fly and came in fast and the drone shows that it is made of great materials will recommend

Mr. Keith

Solid drone in a compact package

Reviewed on

Good quality, great packaging, feels very solid overall. It handles great and is super easy to set up and fly. Takes great videos and photos.


Easy to Learn

Reviewed on

Recently purchased F30 Drone. This is our second drone purchase from and are very happy with both of them we own. The drone comes in a sturdy case with battery, charger and remote. Functions are easy to learn even for beginners. Would highly recommend their products and their customer service is amazing !!

Claudell Brown

simply awesome!!

Reviewed on

Just got my Second F30, it’s awesome as always.. You can even take good pictures and videos at night.

Emmett S.


Reviewed on

Great for beginners


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