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The best of its kind, the Smart Puppy Robotic Pet for Kids uses toys of the past to introduce technology of the future. This smart dog includes the PuppySmart APP in addition to the hundreds of features like voice recognition, various touch sensors, LED lights, RF sensor, and a Bluetooth speaker.


    Fun for Kids of All Ages - Especially the Little Ones

    Never have to worry about leaving your child with a pet again.

    Fun and easy to play with, your children will treat it as a pet of their own.

    Interactive Voice-Activated Commands for Children to Learn

    Teaches kids certain words clearly through communication.

    Excellent learning and educational toy for children that is still enjoyable.

    App Controlled Features

    The Puppy Smart App is available via Apple Store or Google Play Store.

    Programmable combinations that control what the puppy does.

    "Feed" the dog from the programmed food menu, each option will give you the status of the dog based on selection.

    Shows nutrition and energy levels after feeding.

    Play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth and Puppy Smart will dance in rhythm to the tunes.

    Rubbing the Chin
    Rub your new Puppy Smart's chin and it will react with movement and at times, dance around.

    Touch Commands
    Touch or pet the hip and it will respond by sitting down.

    Infrared Motion Sensor
    Puppy Smart has the ability to utilize the voice command "Protect Me" and can sense when danger is imminent. Once this feature is activated it will make an alert call and do a defensive pose.

    What can Puppy Smart do?

    • Plays music, dance, and performs many tricks
    • Reacts to voice commands via its built-in voice recognition software (such as "roll over," "sit," and "lay down")
    • Downloadable app allows you to customize and program stunts/tricks, simulate feeding, perform actions, and even navigate Puppy Smart around
    • Touch and motion sensors include petting Puppy Smart and telling it to go to sleep
    • Connect your smartphone to the dog via Bluetooth, and play your music, dog will sing and dance based on the rhythm.

    What's include?
    1 x Smart Puppy
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Instruction Manual


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