R1 Learning Educational Kids Robot Toy

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Mini Robot brings fun to your kids with singing, Dancing, walking and Interacts with children & the whole family. Provides hours of fun and education giving children experience with robotics and advanced technology.


    Interactive and Fun Toy Robot for Both Boys & Girls

    The Contixo R1 Mini Robot is a singing, dancing robot that, plays music, moves around, and talks to you.

    This fun robot provides a fun and easy learning experience for all ages. This is a kids robot that both kids and adults will love to bring around to play with.

    This robotic friend is easy to use and hours of fun. The small, compact, portable and travel sized R1 allows your kid to learn about robotics and technology from a young age.

    Voice Control &Touch Sensor Function

    This cute toy robot is interactive. With speech recognition, the Contixo R1 educational robot responds to voice control and touch commands.

    It can respond to touch, telling it to turn left, turn right, walk forward, walk backward, adjust volume and go into other modes.

    It listens when you can speak commands. Such as: "can you dance?" "Come Here" "Can you Sing"

    Please note that the Robot will be power off if you say “good bye” or “sleep” to it, you should press the button on the chest to turn it on again

    Record Mode

    Long press the button in the chest, the robot will go into recording mode and you can leave a message that the Contixo R1 Robot will repeat. You can take a 8 seconds recodring each time. 3 recordings can be recorded in total. Short press the button, it will play the the recordings, press one time, play one recording

    Safe Quality Material

    The Contixo R1 Robot is kid-proof and child safe. Made of durable plastic material which is easy to clean.

    Three (3) AAA batteries needed (not included)

    Compact Size, Light Weight

    Contixo R1 kid Robot weighs 14.1 ounces. compact enough for a little kid to hold it, durable material can prevent it from drop and scratch.

    Gift Box Packaging

    Elegant gift packaging makes this mini robot a perfect gift to boys and girsl for any occasion and holiday.

    Multiple Colors

    The Contixo Robot is great for all ages. It can be considered for boys toys as well as girls toys. Boys & Girls can mutually share in the fun! Whether your child wants a pink robot, blue robot or a green robot. or just loves to play with pink, blue or green toys. With multiple color options it makes an excellent present. Great for kids to learn interaction & great for speech


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